Yellow n Black

I m brave enough to attend yours. see here i m .

It's light

I remember someone saying to me; After every rainfall there's a rainbow. When Allah takes everything and everyone away from you, just know that.. Allah does that so it's just you and Him. So Allah can listen to you when you cry. When you talk. When you're looking for answers. Whatever the circumstances. SubhanAllah. So when Allah breaks you, it's never to hurt you.. But to make you a better individual. A stronger individual...


I cant do my research this year. so sad to believe it so bad to know it :(. i wish he was not my second adviser. I don't think he is good adviser , he should guide me ,support me, take decision if he doesn't agree with mine but what he does just make unclear i don't know whether he like or not .y make me confused , sir . He play with his mind rather than theories. hello!!!!!!!, this is a research we need theories as guidance . He sometimes says to me that this research is not only about the result but also about the mental test. many students don't move forward coz their mental are not ready for arguing or to see their adviser  but should we examine mental of someone when she need to finish her study ,when she need more money coz need to go to see him that spent 8 hours on the way, don't he think about the parents. He is so complicated adviser.

Ready to go to my american friends' farewell Party

sorry bit messy behind but really i m in hurry :P

to cover the messy things :P i edit my pic so here is the result  :)

My lovely Socks

Finally , i wear these socks after 5 years ,don't have any other socks :( actually it s present that has been given by my Korean friend in 2007, this type of sock is so famous among the Korean until now, coz they have famous actor ,actress or singer picture on it. my socks picture is Lee seung ki .the actor of king two heart ;) . Normally people use or wear the present but me i prefer to save it :P

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